The Sameth Emergency Department (ED) at Morristown Medical Center provides urgent, life-saving care, as well as state-of-the-art evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for the most critical patient cases.

About the Sameth Emergency Department 

The Sameth ED is one of the busiest in the state, averaging close to 100,000 patient visits per year with a two percent annual growth. It is staffed by 45 emergency medicine physicians, 27 medical residents, four pediatric fellows, 13 physician assistants, 130 registered nurses, 89 emergency technicians and 24 administrative assistants. It is also a primary teaching site for both nursing and medical students. Treatment zones include adult, geriatric, trauma, psychiatric and pediatric emergencies.

For many people, a visit to the ED is their first encounter with the hospital, a place to go when serious injury or illness strikes. For children with a life-threatening condition, it is a beacon of hope. To the uninsured, it is a safety net where they will never be turned away.

The Need

At only 44,500 sq. ft., burgeoning patient volumes exceed the department’s physical space and outdated equipment must be upgraded to treat higher-acuity patients. The goal is to create an ED of the future to accommodate 30,000 additional patient visits per year. The project will be completed in two phases.

The need to renovate and expand is crucial. This high-volume department operated at 100 percent capacity pre-pandemic, with patients and stretchers often overflowing into the hallways. COVID-19 only exacerbated the situation.

This project reorganizes existing ED beds and space in a way to meet the community’s current and future needs, provides a clinically superior patient environment for better outcomes and improves operational flow within the department.

Philanthropic Goal: $10 million 
Project Cost: $26.9 million 

Project Phases

Phase I : Technology 

Phase I will equip the ED with best-in-class technology. The last upgrade was 10 years ago, and time and heavy use have taken a toll. The ED needs an advanced CT scanner and new patient cardiac monitors. The Luciano Family Trauma and Acute Care Center will improve helicopter trauma arrivals and transfers by expanding roof access from two to four elevator cars.

Phase II: Expansion 

Phase II will focus on the department's physical expansion, including relocating the 17-room Gagnon Children's Emergency Department to the first floor of Goryeb Children’s Hospital. The conversion will increase the ED's overall interior footprint.

Additional parts of this phase include the relocation and expansion of the Behavioral Health Unit, the creation of 28 new adult treatment rooms (for a total of 89 rooms), two dedicated screening rooms for infectious diseases and much more. 


For more information, email or call 973-593-2400. 

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